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Using Animation in Your Marketing Strategy: A Complete Guide

04 September 2020
Using Animation in Your Marketing Strategy: A Complete Guide

Businesses are beginning to push video marketing to the top of their priority list. As the digital age continues to grow, videos are becoming more effective than traditional print media. Over 80% of web traffic comes from video traffic. 

If you're looking for a great marketing strategy, consider animated video marketing. In this article, we show you how to use animations in your marketing strategy. First, we'll show you some great benefits of animation in marketing.

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It Leaves a Good Impression

Using animation in your marketing strategy allows you to leave a good impression on your visitors. Animations are great visual content that can make a business more memorable. Animations are a unique way to capture a potential customer's attention. 

Animation Is Easy to Understand

Animated videos gain more renown than print media because they are easy to understand. Viewers can retain 95% of a video's message compared to reading it from print media. Animations allow you to explain complex topics in the form of fun drawings! 

Animation Can Boost Conversion Rates

Studies show that animation and videos can boost a website's conversion rate. They get more click-through rates compared to text media. Animated marketing videos are more likely to get shares than any other content. 

Animation Is Entertaining and Fun to Watch

One of the main reasons why animation attracts more viewers is because it's entertaining. Animation allows business owners to be as creative as possible with their content. In some cases, animation can show off a brand's personality. 

Update Your Content With Ease

Animated videos keep your web content fresh. Animations are easier to edit compared to filming a live video. You can adapt your animated content by changing your visuals or message. 


Animations are becoming a popular content marketing strategy. Here are some ways to incorporate it into your business. 

Animated Explainers

Animated explainer videos are the most common type of animated video content. It can help your customers understand a product's value. You can also use animated videos to explain a service. 

An animated explainer video usually consists of a problem, a solution, and a call to action. You can use animated explainers to feature a new product or service. You can also answer frequently asked questions!

Animated Logo

The most prominent example of an animated logo was Google's logo released in 2015. Animated logos are unique and can make your business more memorable. Consider replacing your static logo with an animated one - for a limited time! See below an example of the Visual Domain logo when social distancing was first introduced in 2020. 


This type of animation is something that you can incorporate into your website. These functional animations guide a visitor through your website through visual cues. These small, interactive animations keep your visitors engaged while they navigate your website. 

Animations on Landing Pages

A great way to capture a viewer's attention immediately is by placing an animation on your landing page. It captures your viewer's attention and can increase the amount of time spent on your page. Many websites use animated videos to get emotions from their viewers. 

Start Using Animation in Your Marketing Strategy

Animation can be a great marketing strategy tool. It's beautiful, effective, and easy to launch and get viral.

Of course, it's not easy to produce. You'll need an effective animation team. That's where we shine so feel free to contact us today!


Using Animation in Your Marketing Strategy: A Complete Guide
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