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How Visual Domain Give Back To The Community In 2017

22 June 2017
How Visual Domain Give Back To The Community In 2017

In a business environment, the focus is often on sales targets, KPIs and customer relationships. However, there are many ways beyond business and sales, that a company can connect with the local community.

This could take shape in the form of donating a product or old equipment, or even donating time and expertise. It doesn't have to be a material or financial donation - companies can use their product, service or skill set to give back.

What do we do?

At Visual Domain, we specialise in video production - so for our partner charities and nonprofits, we can offer a full-service production house at little to no cost, and help them boost their online presence and branding. They can then use our videos for their own promotional purposes, or even to garner funding and support for their cause.

There are often causes close to the hearts of staff members - presenting the business with an opportunity to show that they care about their staff, and make a difference. For example, we have worked with the Epilepsy Foundation, Huntington's Victoria, Kids under Cover, the Blood Bank, Eat Up Australia and the Thank You group - just to name a few. We genuinely love supporting causes that make a difference to the local community - whether it is helping kids, in the health industry, or promoting sustainability awareness. In particular, we encourage our staff to present opportunities for us to work with causes that they have a personal connection to.

Giving back feels good for everyone involved. It makes your staff feel like they are making a worthwhile contribution, and boosts your business's image. As Facebook likes to remind us in their advertising, consumers like things that make them feel warm and fuzzy inside.

See our work with Huntington's Victoria:

A few months ago, Eat Up Australia came to our Melbourne office, and we made hundreds of sandwiches for disadvantaged kids:


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How Visual Domain Give Back To The Community In 2017
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