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Visual Domain Yearly Wrap Up Video Showreel

06 February 2019
Visual Domain Yearly Wrap Up Video Showreel

When I was asked to put together a little social edit for ‘the year that was’ there were a few shoots in particular that leapt to mind, however I didn’t really grasp how many amazing projects we got to work on in 2018 until I truly did a deep dive back through our catalog.

Overseas shoots for major clients? Local shoots with international talent?

2018 was a big year for us, and a particularly big year for our shooters, editors and animators. I’ve been fortunate enough over the past two years or so to be working with some incredibly talented people whose work certainly deserves another peek.

I have always been inspired by films & television, so incorporating that somehow into the video in a fun, creative way was a no brainer. But at the end of the day, the real hero shots that inspired me this year were captured by the very people around me on a day to day basis, this is just a tiny glimpse of their dedication and talent.  

So kudos to the team, I’m proud of us.

Written by Natasha Millist - Sydney Post-Production Supervisor & Editor


Visual Domain Yearly Wrap Up Video Showreel
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