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How Presenter-Led Video AI is Enabling Marketers to Create Videos

25 July 2023
How Presenter-Led Video AI is Enabling Marketers to Create Videos

63% of consumers in Australia will pay more to buy from a brand they favour. Therefore, Australians are loyal to brands they can connect with.

It’s a lot easier to make a personal connection with your audience than you may realise, even with your digital marketing strategies. All you need to do is leverage the power of video AI. Presenter-led video AI will do the laborious, time-consuming work quickly so you can focus on more significant business tasks like closing sales.

AI-powered personalisation has the potency to raise the roof on sales, and here is why.

What Is Personalised Marketing?

This is a strategy where organisations deliver individualised content—marketers use data collection and analysis to determine their audience and where the unique content should go.

Shopify says that 73% of shoppers expect the businesses they buy from already know their expectations and unique needs. When you personalise your buyer, you can recommend products, personalise rewards, add push notifications to mobile apps, offer subscriptions, and even use facial recognition as they walk into a physical store location. 

Then, they can reap the rewards of automation technology to get it done quickly. AI-powered personalisation engages customers because the messaging they receive is special for them.

The Benefits of Personalisation

First, you are improving the customer experience. If a customer knows that you are offering them something in return for personal details, they are more willing to give it to you. A customer will agree to complete a survey, download a whitepaper, or complete a form you give them in exchange for a discount.

Personalisation increases brand loyalty. Customers today are demanding. More than ever, they want fast services, and if an issue arises, you will take care of it immediately—today’s consumer desire to be treated as an individual.

McKinsey & Company reports that 71% of buyers expect businesses to deliver personalised interactions. Further, 76% admit they feel frustrated when they do not get personalised treatment.

Businesses create a competitive advantage when they personalise their marketing content. They raise customer satisfaction and build a “sticky” customer base that loves their brand.

You can increase ROI. When you can provide a superior customer experience, it will drive revenue up. Further, you can use presenter-led video ai to reduce costs and supercharge your digital marketing efforts.


The Power of Customised Videos

Video generation is critical to your marketing efforts. Recent statistics prove it. 54% of Australian customers desire more video content from the businesses or brands they buy from.

Additionally, marketers who use video receive 66% more qualified leads annually.

Any customised video content is a personalised video. However, the personalised content must be relevant to the customers, prospects, influencers, and any other group you are reaching.

There are many ways to leverage the power of a personalised video. It can be celebrating a holiday, sharing educational information, giving a tutorial, and much more. Creating a presenter-led video AI is the simplest way to achieve your goals.

A Global Demand For Video Consumption

Australian organisations can sell to customers globally, and video is the number one media to achieve that. Recent statistics reveal that video is the top source of information for 66% of people worldwide. People say they spend about six hours and 48 minutes watching online videos weekly.

Every minute, YouTubers upload to the platform 300 hours of their video content. Also, reports suggest that 93% of companies gain new customers by sharing branded video content.  

Why Presenter Led Videos

Marketers also refer to this video style as a “talking head” video. It is an effective tactic to engage your audience while also presenting information. With a presenter-led video, you use a spokesperson.

This way, you can build trust. A trustworthy person talks directly to the viewer to encourage them to buy from your business. It creates a personal connection that enhances your brand.

Giving your brand a friendly face is an intelligent digital marketing strategy. You can offer trust and confidence when you have the right individual to do this. You can also give your brand a unique personality.

People like to buy products or services from people they like. Therefore, you can showcase your organisation by having the right spokesperson.


How to Create a Personalised Presenter-Led Video AI

Artificial intelligence makes it simple. First, you scan an extensive library of video templates. You can absolutely find one that fits the personality of your brand.

Second, you can begin personalizing. AI gives you options for characters and voices. For instance, Visual Domain has a library of over 100 personalities.

The Visual Domain understands that your brand is unique. That is why they give you many options to match the tone and style of your company's brand, including fluencies and accents from around the globe. Not only that, but their AI platform can customise your character's voice.

Your brand is more than the voice. You need your presenter-led videos to match your logo. AI easily sets up videos that use your fonts and colours, meeting brand requirements.

API Integration For Present-Led Videos

With artificial intelligence working to alleviate the heavy burden, eliminating manual labour, you can create hundreds of presenter-led videos at one time. It comes from your text, too, with a potent API feed. 

The Visual Domain offers many video templates to simplify things for your team. You can easily find something professional and slick to wow your audience. 

Once you select your preferences, technology can do its magic. You no longer need the complicated technical skills of a video production expert to get a genuinely amazing presenter-led video. Artificial intelligence will put it all together for you.

Video AI technology does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on more important things, like what kind of personalised talking head video you want to create next.

Software That Adds Captions

A recent study shows that three-quarters of people who watch a video on their phone often have the sound off. That is why text graphics and captioning are crucial to conveying your message.

They say that "variety is the spice of life." If you need captions for those watching without sound, presenter-led AI videos can do the job. With the software from the Visual Domain, they can add captions to your videos in any language. They can do this in a matter of seconds too!

Include Your Unique Assets

It's easy to customise videos created by artificial intelligence. You can upload assets like videos, still images, PowerPoint slides, and more. The video AI software even lets you upload your own sound bites.

This is a brilliant way to customise your videos, creating a more human touch!


Visual Domain: Experts in Video AI

When you need a partner to help you with video AI, look no further than Visual Domain. They will achieve the results you desire.

Visual Domain is a video agency and animation studio. They dare to create videos you cannot get from other production companies. You can get compelling video content at any scale and get it for a reasonable cost.

Do you need 10,000 new videos created every year? Visual Domain can do just that! Contact their professionals right now or order a Visual Domain video right now.

How Presenter-Led Video AI is Enabling Marketers to Create Videos
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