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How to Make an Engaging Recruitment Video

04 July 2023
How to Make an Engaging Recruitment Video

The Australian workforce is comprised of 13.4 million people, and 1.8 million more are on the lookout for new jobs. If you're trying to get people interested in working for your company, a well-made recruitment video is essential.

Here, we're going to talk about how to make engaging recruitment videos that get people excited to work for your business. Read on to learn the basics of creating animated media with experts.

What Makes a Recruitment Video Awesome?

The main way to make a recruitment video stand out is to have fun with it. You want to use a casual tone and not overload viewers with jargon. Too much professional language or formal speech will make new hires think that your workplace is stuffy and boring.

So be conversational. Talk like you're having a conversation with the people you're recruiting. Make jokes and act like you're already friends with the audience to show them that you're an easygoing and exciting company to work for.

You also don't want to make your recruitment video too long. People are going to click away from a 20-minute video because they're busy and have other things to do. 3-5 minutes is generally the sweet spot where you can keep engaging people while also getting all relevant information across.

During this 3-5 minute span, make sure that you change what's onscreen periodically. The average attention span is only around 45 seconds. People aren't going to want to focus on a still screen or single shot for much longer than that.

So be creative. Come up with clever and exciting ideas to make your video move forward and showcase multiple images. Eye-grabbing movement and nuanced characters can help you grab people's interest and keep them captivated.


What's the Best Medium for Recruitment Videos?

With this in mind, it's important to consider different types of videos for your recruitment content. There are a few awesome options that you should consider, the primary being animation.

Animated videos:

  • Can capture abstract ideas (data, graphs, etc) in an easily-digestible visual format
  • Can include characters for the audience to relate to and project on (for example, a character that's happy working for your company)
  • Are diverse in that they can be simple and minimalistic or complex and stunning
  • Are less expensive to develop and produce (since you won't need to hire actors)
  • Have an easy-to-manage production process

You also can incorporate lots of bright colours and eye-grabbing visuals. This is a handy way to keep people interested in your recruitment video and get them excited to work for you.

Whether you choose animation or live-action, interactive content is a great choice. Assuming that you're uploading the video to a website, you can make it possible for viewers to choose their own experience.

Have people click and tap different parts of the video to learn more about specific topics. You can even make your video into a game where people choose what to see more of and hone in on. This forces viewers to stay engaged and makes them happy because they have choices.

Testimonials are also amazing for recruitment. You can show an employee (or an animated rendition of one) talking about why your business is a great place to work. This will answer people's most pressing questions and let them engage with someone on an individual level.

They'll relate to the person in the testimonial, trust them, and be more likely to apply as a new hire.


What Content Should You Include?

A well-developed video isn't the only thing you'll need to engage your audience. You'll also need to include the right kind of content.

If you plan to put any people in your video, make sure that you're choosing the right ones. People don't want to just see a CEO or manager talking. It doesn't feel genuine or relatable, and they won't come away knowing what the actual experience of working for your company might be like.

It's important to show direct peers if you plan to have a testimonial. For an animated video or live-action short film, you can show other employees- their peers- happy as they go about their daily lives.

Relevant Questions

Those looking for new jobs are looking for positive experiences. They'll have a lot of questions about daily life in the office, what pay looks like, and their place on the corporate ladder.

When you make a video, make sure that you answer some common questions that tend to pop up a lot. This will make people feel more informed and decrease frustration. It will also cut down on the number of FAQs they bring up in a screening or interview, which saves time.


Call to Action (CTA)

Your video needs to have a CTA in order to be as successful as possible. It would be a huge missed opportunity to have people sit through it without directing them toward an application or contact page.

Include an ending to the video that lets them know what the next steps to take are. Include a link to make it easier for them to follow your CTA. 

If you're unsure of how to do this, a professional can help you figure it out. Our team will help you come up with a strong CTA to ensure that your video gets potential hires moving through the process of joining your company.

Get Cracking

Creating a high-quality recruitment video can be challenging, but it's much easier with professional assistance. Visual Domain is excited to discuss your individual needs and help you come up with top-notch recruitment video ideas.

We're committed to helping you find new hires and getting them hyped up to work with you. Contact us today to talk more about our video production processes and your goals.

How to Make an Engaging Recruitment Video
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