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Looking Back On The First Half of 2022

04 July 2022
Looking Back On The First Half of 2022


Can you believe it’s July already? Neither can we. Time does fly when you are having fun and creating high-quality content every day.

What have we been up to

Our team has continued to grow and challenge ourselves to provide our clients with awesome videos every time. We have welcomed new clients including The Good Guys, Dominos, Woolworths, Adairs, Brosa, Public Transport Victoria, My Deal, Hawthorn FC, and Vogue Australia.

Working end to end on the production process we partnered with Domino’s to help create their latest internal animation video ‘Path To Excellence’. The goal of the video was to showcase Domino’s Path to Excellence program while exploring their new app. The animation takes viewers on a journey through highlights of being an employee at Domino’s and what can come out of a role there.

Website Video Thumbnails-2

We partnered with Coopers Brewery to create a video series to celebrate the 160th anniversary. The series features four episodes featuring Andrew Cooper interviewing like-minded Aussie family-owned business owners. We joined Cooper as he travelled across Australia meeting with people from different walks of life who’ve all been entrusted with preserving their traditions and values as custodians of their respective family’s long-running businesses. Check out the series on the Coopers website. 🍻


Our client Yamaha launched their newest Earbuds with a hype video 'Studio to Street' with the help of our team from ideation to delivery.  Contributing to Yamaha’s Making Waves campaign we explored how their Ear Buds are more than just great sounds, it’s about the feeling the music gives you. Combining animation with cinematic filming throughout the street of Fitzroy, Melbourne our team put together a video where sparks fly. ✨



Office news

This year our overall team has grown by over 11%, with new departments, positions and hires.  We have had the pleasure of opening up new leadership roles within our team, due to the growth and diverse opportunity of our client work, since News Corp Australia took a major stake in the business late last year. Within the leadership roles, we were able to promote six of our female creatives. #YTG

Within the last year, our animation team tripled in size and grew 60% within the previous two years. This increase is attributed to our clients becoming more aware of the importance of animated content in their marketing campaigns. Our growing in-house animators produce over 600 animations a year, covering various mediums, styles, platforms, and project scales.

Exciting things happening

In exciting news, we have been nominated for Mumbrella 2022 Production Agency of the year. A huge congratulations to our team and our amazing clients, this year we are up against some tough competition. So stay tuned for the winning news to come on August 4th 2022. We are also grateful to be a part of the team who won the Bronze award for the PR Awards Asia 2022 for Best Use of Content, for the incredibly insightful Canestens University of Down Under campaign.


Our Tech and Development department (the backbone of our existence) has seen massive growth, with the addition of three new developers + 1 baby and another on the way! 👶 

The team have been working tirelessly releasing a numerous array of new technologies for our team and clients. Some include:

Project Dashboard - This is where our team can keep track of all their projects and quickly make updates and navigate to further pages within the VMS.

Project Logs - Where our team can see all historical events that have occurred on their projects. Who did what, when and where? Along with helping the team, it enables some fantastic automation and data metrics to be captured.

Project Health - To allow our team to be across the project's budget and hours every step of the way. While it has increased & improved self-service functionality for the accounting team, allowing for a faster user experience for a team and a better invoicing experience for our clients.

One Day 

Our One Day charity arm, allows our team to support not-for-profits with one day of video production services at no-cost. Our team loves the chance to be able to assist these companies and give back. Within the last 6 months, we have worked with numerous incredible charities, including Keeley Cause, National Backyard Cricket and Pundi Produce. A massive shout out to our One Day department leads Bec Schultz and Lauren Burgueno for all the fantastic work they do to ensure these companies are looked after throughout the entire production process. 

Check out some of the fabulous work below: 



Most recently we teamed up with Good Friday Appeal and News Corp Australia to create their 2022 wrap video. In this video, we showcase the incredible impact the Good Friday Appeal is having and highlight the many ways people can support and make a difference to patients and their families at The Royal Children’s Hospital. We focused on one of their ambassadors Isla, she explains the impact of what the Good Friday Appeal means to her and Australia–wide, and how people can get involved.


Want to join our team or are you are after video content, look no further we are here to make your life easier. We offer end-to-end video production from live streams to high-end TVCs. Get in touch and chat with our team today about your next video.


Looking Back On The First Half of 2022
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