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8 Video Marketing Trends Predictions for 2023

08 February 2023
8 Video Marketing Trends Predictions for 2023


These days, consumers have gotten to the point where they are watching an average of over one hundred minutes of digital video content every day. This is a huge amount of opportunity to advertise to this market, so you need to be sure you are keeping up-to-date with the best way to do that. With that in mind, do you know the latest video marketing trends you can leverage to help you market your brand or organisation?

Below, we cover eight of the dominant trends you are likely to see in this space in 2023. As you read through, make sure to make a note of them so you can leverage them for your own needs.

1. Vertical Video

Almost all people who consume content via digital devices do so in a vertical format. This is because this is the natural way to hold the phone and one that companies design for. There is no extra step needed to have a positive experience, such as rotating the phone, so if your content is easy to consume, more people will view it.

Video marketing ideas using vertical video often spread faster to many sites using vertical video these days. Examples include the big hitters such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

There is even a suggestion that Twitter is going to investigate vertical video content soon. Though, whether that is still in the pipe with other issues facing Twitter is another matter.


2. Short Looping Video

One of the more common video marketing tips you hear these days is to create short content instead of long-form video. Consumers can not be trusted to spend more than a minute at most watching a video. You will also need to hook them in the first few seconds or they will start to move on.

At the same time, videos that loop without an obvious seam between the start and end often "trick" the user into watching them more than once. This makes the video appear to the algorithm as though users have an interest in watching it several times. This tactic can then get you higher engagement, and snowballing views.

3. Community Building

It is becoming harder to keep people in social media communities, such as Facebook Groups. We are now seeing migration to areas such as Discord or Telegram groups instead because of the control this gives people.

On these platforms, you can see users creating their own video interactions. Examples of this include live streaming, sharing videos, and group video interaction.

Companies are even creating their own Discords now to promote themselves. This helps them create a group of people to evangelize their products. These evangelical communities can also resolve early technical support requests for other users.

The organisation can schedule and include their community their updates and news. This gives everyone in the server and community a chance to see what they plan and what topic they want to pivot the discussion towards.

4. Live Streams

Companies do more than present themselves and their news via their live streams these days. They can also create events that help internally and externally, such as live streaming:

For companies who are new to the idea of livestreaming, video production companies can provide help to get started in this area. Organizations can then capitalize on this new ability to ensure they reach larger audiences with their brand's voice.


5. Video SEO Advancements

Involving a professional video production company can help you leverage SEO to spread your videos further. They can create videos that will go further and allow more people to see your brand.

Online video SEO has even influenced the slang of Gen-Z content creators. They change the language they use to avoid words they cannot use in videos or else the platforms will deprioritize them. This has led to a dialect of "algospeak" that uses phrases such as "panda express" instead of "pandemic", and "leg booty" instead of "LGBTQIA+."

At the same time, having a video on your website can boost your Google SEO ranking. Google cares about video on sites, and as you combine media types, Google's algorithm pushes you further up the list, getting more eyes on your site.

6. User-Generated Video Content

With the continued growth of Vine-alike TikTok, user-created content has never been a bigger thing. Thus, instead of you creating your own content, you or a video production company might work with influencers instead. They can then put together something their followers will see, presenting you as a positive brand.

Another option is to use outreach, hashtags, or other engagement devices to ask others to make content for you. One of the more recent trends is the creation of "trending sounds". By putting together a sound that others can remix into other videos, you get more backlinks from people who see content using your audio.

You can also issue challenges for your followers. This makes them participants in larger advertising campaigns when they act in a video based on that challenge.

@meccabeauty From gym to dinner party (hair edition). Let @rachelteetyler show you how! #MECCAhack #MECCAmoment #Hairtutorial ♬ original sound - MECCA

7. Use of AI

Video production companies now even harness the power of AI to create content. They can work with a text generator to create dialogue for videos much faster than before, allowing them to create more videos over time.

Using deep fakes, they can even create videos with the same clip, but different dialogue. These videos can then go out into the wild at the same time and receive A/B testing to find out what works best for the audience.

8. Youtube Is Still the Beast to Slay

Despite TikTok, Facebook, and so many others, Youtube is still the video content king. While it might not have cracked short-form videos, people are still watching 365 billion hours of video in one year. It might be worth focusing on here if your videos are longer than one minute.

Learn More About Video Marketing Trends

With all the above examples, you should have no problem following some of the biggest video marketing trends in 2023. Still, you might not always have the time to get started making videos when running a business. This is where we come in.

We can help you improve your online presence by producing videos, animated marketing videos, or other content for your digital content needs. All you need to do is send us a message and we can get a specialist in contact with you to start your journey to better marketing today.

8 Video Marketing Trends Predictions for 2023
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