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Our Top Wardrobe Tips For Being On Camera

08 September 2021
Our Top Wardrobe Tips For Being On Camera

To Start

Choose your favourite outfit that fits well, and you are very comfortable in and you feel confident in. If there is even one thing that isnt quite right about the outfit, you will be distracted. ie: The sleeve is just a little too short, the button pulls, the scarf doesnt stay in place. Then adjust it according to these guidelines. ie: If your favourite shirt is white, swap that for a blue or pop of colour/blouse.


  1. Pastel shirts work well on TV.
  2. The safest colour on TV is blue.
  3. Be wrinkle-free and lint-free. This is HD (and a lot of tight shots) so the audience will see everything.
  4. Neutral colours are best. You may feel bored but the viewers should be focused on your face, and the messaging, and not your clothes.
  5. A pop of colour is nice. Perhaps a colourful blouse under a jacket or a brighter tie.
  6. Wear over-the-calf socks so your skin doesn’t show if you cross your legs (if we should see your legs).
  7. Always test your wardrobe on camera before you go live.
  8. Talk to the others (SME’s, panellists, Moderators) about their wardrobe decisions so that everyone isn’t wearing the same theme. ie: All men wearing a blue shirt and a red tie- looks like a uniform. 

Wardrobe_Fail_2_950 Wardrobe Tips For Being On Camera


  1. Don’t wear white, black or red. White: glows and becomes the most noticeable thing on the TV screen. Black is too harsh and can suck up all the light. Reds: bleed on camera and are distracting.

  2. Don’t wear dangly earrings and less is more when it comes to jewelry. They distract.

  3. Don’t wear jewellery that moves, makes noise, or could hit your microphone.

  4. Don’t wear stripes, checks, herringbone, paisley, or small intricate designs. These patterns “dance/move” on-screen and are distracting. Note: Some ties have tight patterns and threads that could also move on camera. Be prepared with another option.

  5. Avoid hair products that add shine and makeup that sparkles. Less is more with makeup too.

  6. No visible logos or companies or brands, except for your own company logo.

Last Looks

Give an extra look in the mirror. Are your tie and knot straight? How does your collar look? Are you sitting on the back of your sports coat/blazer so it’s not bunched up behind your neck? Are your sleeves pulled down to see them outside your cuffs slightly? Is jacket buttoned or unbuttoned? 5 o’clock shadow? How does your hair look on camera – flyaways? How does your makeup look (face, eyes, lips)? Are you shiny – dab with anti-shine or powder? If not in the studio, have you dressed your cables too, or are they untidy and hanging over your shoulder? 


Check out some of our tips at 2 minutes and 12 seconds of the video below.

The importance of thinking through the details 


Our Top Wardrobe Tips For Being On Camera
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