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Why Your Brand Should Be Posting More Reels Than Ever Before

11 August 2022
Why Your Brand Should Be Posting More Reels Than Ever Before

What if your business was ignoring your best method of social media marketing?

Instagram Reels is hotter than ever before. In fact, Meta recently unveiled that Reels has a whopping 675.3 million users! To put that in perspective, more than a quarter of Instagram's two billion users are checking Reels out each month.

This is the perfect time for your brand to start posing more Reels. Still not convinced? Keep reading to discover why you need to invest more time and money into your Reels!

Reels Boost Engagement

Businesses often struggle with audience engagement on regular Instagram posts. The good news is that Reels were built from the ground up to encourage audience engagement.

On the most basic level, users love to share awesome videos with their friends and followers. From cute cat videos to funny pratfalls, everyone loves to spread great content as far as they can.

And you can encourage more engagement through the use of strategic hashtags. You can also provide captions with provocative questions that encourage people to comment on the Reel. If you're lucky, some of your Reels might just go viral!


Reels Helps to Build Your Brand

It's an open secret that Reels are Instagram's answer to TikTok. And like TikTok, one of the key benefits of Instagram Reels is that they help boost your engagement.

When you create Reels, they show up on the "Explore" page for users. And you can boost the exposure by sharing them to your Stories as well as your feed.

Users who enjoy your content end up visiting your profile and learning more about your brand. As long as you have a solid CTA in your bio, then you can use interest in your content to boost sales even as it helps build your brand.

It's Easy to Create Instagram Reels

Some businesses hesitate to dive into this new aspect of social media because they don't know how Instagram Reels works. But here's the best thing: creating Reels is very, very easy!

As with TikTok, Reels videos are meant to be quickly shot, and because the videos are so short (most are 15 seconds, and 90 seconds is the max), they shouldn’t take long to create.

Of course, you'll still want to put some thought into important features like a tight script, charming actors, and good lighting, but that’s where we can help as your partners in all things production here at Visual Domain. 


Take Your Marketing With Instagram To the Next Level

Now you know why your business should create more Instagram Reels than ever before. But do you know who can help take your marketing with Instagram to the next level?

Here at Visual Domain, we specialize in creating killer productions for clients all over the world. From Reels to TikTok and beyond, we're here to help you bring your dream content to life.

Ready to stop dreaming and start recording? All you have to do is contact us today!

Why Your Brand Should Be Posting More Reels Than Ever Before
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