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7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Holiday Video Content

13 December 2022
7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Holiday Video Content

The holidays are a time to celebrate, but they are also a time to shop. Recent statistics suggest that over nine million Australians are set to spend approximately 24 billion dollars this Christmas. This equals about $1,160 per person on average.

Holiday marketing campaigns increase sales and what better way to convert more leads than by sharing a holiday video? You likely see your competitors marketing themselves over the holiday season, and for good reason.

Recent video marketing statistics show that 87% of Australians find online videos to be a key driving force that influences their purchasing decisions.

Okay, so you know you need holiday video content. Now, you need a plan. What should the video be about and what is the goal of the message?

If you are scratching your head, wondering which direction to turn before the end of the year approaches, do not worry. This article is full of answers.

1. Holiday Promotion and Deals

While many people look forward to celebrating the holidays with their loved ones, there is still business at hand come year-end. Many organisations are hoping to give their sales revenue a boost before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. This means pushing as many products, solutions, and contracts as you can while time is running low.

What better time to run a promotion than during a time of celebration? Video is a dominant medium for grabbing the attention of customers.

You can include your holiday promotional deals with your social media videos. You could embed the holiday videos on your landing pages, include them in your email campaigns, and even add them to the home page of your website. The act of clicking on a holiday video is a way your audience could engage with your brand.


2. The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide Video

You may have a big range of products or solutions, so it is challenging to run just one promotion. It can be difficult too for your audience to go through everything you have in stock. A great way to draw customers into your brand promotions is with a holiday video that showcases your holiday gift guide.

In this kind of holiday video, you can make it easier for your customers by segmenting your product line into categories, by budget price, etc. Grouping your products or solutions makes it easier to shop.

This is a perfect video for holiday marketing campaigns on YouTube. It inspires consumers and generates ideas for them, pulling them in to search for your website or catalogue.

3. Emotional Holiday Storytelling

You can do more than just directly sell with your holiday videos. This is also a great time for brand awareness. To captivate audiences, you can pull at their heartstrings with the age-old classic practice of storytelling.

Way before digital technology, humans shared information through stories. Today, even in a different format, it is still the same. Storytelling appeals to human emotion, making your brand memorable too.

To surround the viewer with an emotional tale that completely engrosses their attention, you need a holiday video with the right combination of scripting, sound effects, music, and visuals.


4. Holiday How-to Videos

All year long, how-to videos perform well. Even during the holidays, you can see an uptick in your holiday branding with a helpful how-to video. The most important aspect is that you choose a topic relevant to your audience.

You can show your product or solution perform helpfully with a festive holiday theme.

5. Holiday Video Ads

Every social platform has opportunities to advertise with a video. To reach an audience that either does not know your brand, or knows your brand, but is not looking for you, social media video ads are a great way to convert leads. Video ads also build brand awareness.

If the holidays are approaching, your video ads will be much more relevant when they are tailored toward the time of year and holiday season. Making them holiday-specific can attract more clicks, too.

6. Celebrate Customers

Customers like to know you appreciate them. When you send a holiday video, letting them know you wish them happy holidays, it is a way to get in front of them without selling to them. It helps brand awareness, including a positive reflection letting them know you care.

All you need is a simple message that says "thank you" and "wishing you well." It adds another touch point throughout the year that is warm and welcoming.

7. Holiday Video With Executive Leadership

Executive leadership is often the face of the organisation. A holiday video is one more touch point. It is important for employees, customers, and prospective customers to see an authentic message from your leadership wishing everyone a joyous holiday.

A heartfelt message shows your brand cares about everyone, all the way from the very top on down to its employees. Even adding clips of employees from all departments waving with a smile as a part of the message shows amazing leadership for an amazing company, like yours!


A Holiday Video for Brand Awareness and Conversion

Ring in the New Year by sharing an unforgettable holiday video with your target audience. If you are new to video production, Visual Domain is a great company to work with to help you get started.

Visual Domain is the number one video production company in Australia, creating memorable video content.

Don’t let the holidays pass you by without taking advantage of this time to connect with your customers. Chat with our team today and order your holiday video now.

7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Holiday Video Content
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