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Why You Should Consider YouTube Shorts for Your Next Campaign

13 September 2022
Why You Should Consider YouTube Shorts for Your Next Campaign

Recent statistics suggest that a quarter of the global population uses YouTube. Further, YouTube Shorts recently got 3.5 billion daily views.

If you are looking for a video creation platform that has the potency to capture the attention of a lot of eyes around the world, look no further than YouTube Shorts. It can attract customers and make them act faster than most other marketing campaigns.

Why are YouTube Shorts so popular and amazing? Keep reading and you will agree, that this is one of the best marketing tools around!

What Are YouTube Shorts?

This new platform feature is for sharing short-form videos on YouTube. YouTube Shorts hosts user-generated content, just like its primary service. However, YouTube Shorts are limited to 60 seconds, and they are vertical videos. 

YouTube includes built-in creation tools, so you could: 

  • Capture
  • Edit
  • Add animated text
  • Control the speed of the footage
  • Add music from major labels

The views that YouTube Shorts get will count toward regular YouTube views. However, it will not count toward eligibility for the YPP, or YouTube Partner Program.

When a user sees your YouTube Shorts, they can comment, like, share, and even subscribe to your channel. They can engage with your brand while watching it.

The Shorter, the Better

While it may sound constraining to fit your message in such a brief time span, the opposite is true. It gives you more freedom.

You can hit hard, being straight to the point. They are relatable and require less time and overhead to create.

Plus, short videos are easier to distribute. They are perfect for any video creation platform where the user scrolls quickly. In this type of scenario, the time of the viewer is at a premium, so you are catching them quickly, at the right time and place.


What Makes Effective YouTube Shorts

First, they should be snappy. There's not a lot of time to hook someone up, so you must make it fast when grabbing their attention.

Do not create YouTube Shorts for the sake of saying you are marketing your brand with YouTube Shorts. The videos should add value to your audience, or they could fall flat. Do not be funny, yet fail to demonstrate your point of why your product or solution is relevant, or what you want the viewer to do because of watching the video.

YouTube Shorts are looping videos. So, you want to consider this when you create them. How will the message come across when it loops?

If you have longer videos that you are thinking of creating snippets for and adding to YouTube Shorts, chances are it will not work. It must be easy to digest the content. The best thing to do is start from scratch and think it over carefully. 

Benefits of YouTube Shorts

It is ideal for viewers who have limited time or a limited attention span to learn about your brand. Also, non-subscribers can view your videos. It is a simple, low-cost method to capture the attention of a large audience.

Promote Your Regular Channel

If you have a current channel with a lot of great content and longer videos that customers will find interesting and valuable, you want to bring their attention to it. Especially when you are competing in a sea of other content and channels. YouTube Shorts grab attention instantaneously and can turn viewers into subscribers.

This is a fabulous way to grow your “tribe,” or regular audience. In the future, whenever you post new content on your channel, you know your audience is getting notified!

Tease Your Audience

Since the videos are so brief, they can preview what is to come. When your audience subscribes or visits your channel, it tells an introduction to your longer videos.


Behind the Scenes Footage

You have likely seen this yourself on YouTube Shorts. They are wildly popular and entertaining. It is an excellent way to grab attention and build an authentic relationship with your audience.

Engage on the Fly

Users may not be ready to give you their full attention for long-form videos. They do not want to commit that much time, and that is okay. That is why YouTube Shorts can help bridge this gap, creating interest and trust, so they will give you more of their time.

Plus, when a video is only 60-seconds or less, viewers are likely to watch it to the end. You are finding a creative way to engage your audience with your brand content.

What’s Trending?

Trends come and go. You want to jump on the bandwagon quickly and without a high cost. It is a perfect way to be relevant and cool when you can respond to your audience’s needs fast.

What is new on YouTube and social media? Challenges? Dance battles?

Create a short video on the fly that is up and coming. What is it that people enjoy watching these days? There isn’t much time before it will go stale anyway, so create your YouTube Shorts quickly!


YouTube Shorts Fast and Simple

If you are ready to create interesting and entertaining YouTube Shorts quickly and easily, we can help with that! Reach out to us the experts, and your production partners.

With video marketing combined with a video creation platform like YouTube, you have a powerful means to reach customers by leveraging user-generated content.

Sometimes, getting your message across takes more than words. You want to share a message that is emotional and interactive, so let’s talk about how we can help you achieve it with YouTube Shorts. Contact Visual Domain for questions or you can order a video now.

Why You Should Consider YouTube Shorts for Your Next Campaign
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