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8 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a TikTok Account?

22 September 2022
8 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a TikTok Account?

What if your business was missing out on the best possible marketing opportunity out there?

TikTok is more than just a fun app for making and sharing videos. It's also a platform that reaches over one billion active users every month. With the right video content, your own small business could reach out and appeal to more customers than ever before.

Still on the fence about using TikTok for business? Keep reading to discover the biggest reasons why every business should have a TikTok account!

1. Target Very Specific Audiences

While TikTok has over one billion active users a month, they come from many different demographics. Once you start a TikTok account for your business, though, you'll be able to target the right demographics for your company.

For example, are you trying to reach younger users? If so, TikTok is one of the best ways to appeal to Generation Z. However, if you want to target older demographics, there are ways to do so through organic posting and paid advertising (more on this later).

The end result is a win/win: as a media platform, TikTok can help you reach many prospective customers while also fine-tuning content that is laser-focused on your specific customer segments.

2. Better Engagement Through Hashtag Challenges

One of the reasons TikTok became the most downloaded app is quite simple. Users looking for a little more fun in their lives love to participate in hashtag challenges.

These challenges often ask users to recreate specific dances. Or they may be asked to hold up their fingers and then put one down once the video mentions something they have done before.

Such videos are interactive and fun, and they encourage people to share the challenge with their friends, family, and followers. These challenges are one of the best ways your company can turn loyal fans into influential brand ambassadors.

3. A TikTok Account Can Make Your Company Seem Relatable

Another reason why TikTok for business is so effective is that it helps make your company seem more relatable. With traditional advertising, customers are often resistant to blatant marketing attempts. And they may see your business as a faceless company that only cares about making money.

However, most TikTok video content is light, whimsical, and very fun. When you create such videos, you do more than increase their odds of getting shared. You also make your company look down-to-earth and conversational.

Perception is everything when you're trying to appeal to customers. And TikTok offers a great way to humanize your business even as it offers great ways for you to personalize your content.

4. It's Easy to Get Started

What do small businesses, large businesses, and countless consumers have in common? Many of them are interested in diving into TikTok but they are worried it will be difficult to get started.

Here's the good news: TikTok was designed from the ground up to be intuitive and easy to use. Recording and uploading content is as easy as clicking a button. And you can learn plenty about video lighting and pacing by watching what successful content creators do.

And you don't have to reinvent the wheel. You can always team up with video marketing professionals who can help you create next-level content!

5. Customers Love Tutorials

Pop quiz: what do you do when you need to figure out how something works? Most people simply hop online to places like Youtube and TikTok in order to find an answer.

And your own small business can take advantage of this by creating tutorials related to your services and products. Such tutorials offer short, simple instructions on how customers can make the most of what you have to offer.

This technique is effective because it does more than provide stellar support to existing customers. It also helps you gain more customers once people see how awesome your products really are.

6. Influencer Marketing Made Easy

For better or for worse, we live in the age of the influencer. All it takes is a bit of knowledge and a charismatic personality to create an influencer who holds sway over thousands or even millions of lives.

And as the old saying goes: "if you can't beat'em, join'em." Start by finding an influencer who is popular among the demographic(s) you are trying to reach. Next, reach out to that influencer with a collaborative marketing opportunity.

TikTok is littered with major influencers. And by teaming up with the right ones, you can expand your brand in a powerful way.

7. Paid or Organic Posting: The Choice Is Yours

So far, we have been focusing on the kind of basic video content that you create and share via your TikTok account. These are referred to as organic posts. However, TikTok also makes it easy for you to take advantage of paid posting opportunities.

Paid posts include "brand takeover" ads that pop up when customers open up the app. There are also minute-long "in-feed native ads" that pop up as customers are scrolling through their feeds.

TikTok also provides different tools to help you target specific audience segments. This helps you further refine how far each of your marketing dollars goes.

8. Leverage User-Generated Content

From the beginning, TikTok was designed to help magnify content generated by users. And with a bit of finesse, you can encourage people to create awesome user-generated content on your own behalf.

We already reviewed one way to encourage user-generated content: hashtag challenges. You can do variations on this technique by challenging users to redesign one of your products or possibly come up with the most creative use for the product.

Sometimes, you can simply challenge one of your demographic segments to offer advice to the next segment. To incentivise content, consider offering a prize for the winners. Trust us: you'll definitely get your money's worth from the user-generated content!

Create the Hottest TikTok Videos Today!

Now you know why a TikTok account for your business is so important. But do you know who can help you create killer content for each and every video?

Here at Visual Domain, we know everything about creating trending videos that expand your brand and boost your sales. To discover more of what we can do for your company, just contact us today!

8 Reasons Why Every Business Should Have a TikTok Account?
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