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How (And Why) Sports TikTok Is Gaining Popularity

07 December 2022
How (And Why) Sports TikTok Is Gaining Popularity

What if you were overlooking the best way to market your athletes and sporting events?

Arguably the best way to do so is by using TikTok. After all, this popular social media platform was the single most downloaded app in both 2020 and 2021. With hundreds of millions of users in America and beyond, this is the marketing secret you've been waiting for.

Not sure how to make "sports TikTok" work for you? Let's take a closer look at some of the creative ways sports teams and athletic organizations are making this work!

TikTok Sports: Posting Game Highlights

When it comes to TikTok sports content, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. For example, you can post game highlights to TikTok to help fans either re-experience awesome moments or check out what they missed.

For the biggest sports fans, it's impossible to watch every game or follow every athlete they are interested in. This is why more sports teams on TikTok are posting highlights each week during the season.

There is no real downside to this approach. It helps to keep fans engaged and build some real excitement for the next game. And professional marketers can help make your team stand out online.

Sports Content: Showing Off Special Skills

Aside from game highlights, one thing you and your players can do is take advantage of what TikTok does best: making videos go viral. Every day, countless people take part in weird challenges or show off special skills hoping to have their own viral TikTok moment.

When you have professional athletes, they already come with a special set of skills. Why not put them to use by showing off those skills in a few professional videos?

This is a technique employed by major teams such as Arsenal when they post videos about players performing crazy trick shots. Players love these videos because it hypes up their fans. And fans love these videos because it pumps them up for the next game.


"Leather on willow" 🏏 What a beautiful symphony 🎻🤤

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TikTok As Recruitment Tool

So far, we have focused on how established sports teams on TikTok can use the platform to market themselves. But did you realise that less established teams can use TikTok as a recruitment tool?

That's because more aspiring players are using TikTok accounts as their own personal sizzle reel. These videos are often a combination of game highlights pertaining to that player or videos of them performing seemingly-impossible feats.

Internet-savvy players realise TikTok is the free marketing tool they have been looking for. And sports teams love to use TikTok for scouting purposes. Why send a scout to a single game when that scout can review someone's entire career in living colour from their phone?


Make a Splash On TikTok Today!

Now you know why sports TikTok is having a moment right now. But do you know who can help you get a piece of the action for your own team?

Here at Visual Domain, we specialise in helping teams and athletes stand out on the internet. Ready to see what we can do for you? All you have to do is contact us today!

How (And Why) Sports TikTok Is Gaining Popularity
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