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6 Reasons Why UGC Is One of the Best Things in Marketing

17 August 2022
6 Reasons Why UGC Is One of the Best Things in Marketing

Over 60% of marketers claim that video content has increased their customer acquisition.

Videos are one of the best marketing tools that you can use, but they're also one of the most challenging to create. Some of the best videos you can use to help your brand come in the form of user-generated content. They may not be the most traditional videos, but they can still be incredibly effective.

For 6 reasons why user-generated content can improve your marketing strategy, keep reading.

1. Builds Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is one of the best ways to maintain customer retention. It costs far more to create new customers than it does to keep previous ones, so you want to build relationships that keep your customers coming back.

You can reward customers who create content, encouraging more people to share your brand with a wider audience. You can also recruit brand ambassadors, giving them more incentives to promote your brand.

2. Captures Attention

There are various types of user-generated content, and they can show the support people have for your brand in different ways. Prospective customers are more likely to be able to form a connection with your brand after seeing the enthusiasm that your current customers have.

GoPro is an excellent example of this. They show videos that GoPro users capture, highlighting to people the sort of things customers might be able to do with their products.


3. Cuts Costs

Developing and implementing a content marketing strategy can be quite expensive, so it's ideal to save on costs wherever possible. User-generated content will often be significantly cheaper than other types.

At Visual Domain, we can help you develop some of the most effective video content. With user-generated content, you can avoid large expenses for things like professional actors, and can often reward content creators with things like discounts and special offers.

4. Authenticity

When marketing businesses online, any brand can make their products look and sound good. Positive opinions coming from people outside your company, however, are far more important.

By putting customers front and centre, people viewing the content will be more likely to gain trust in your brand. 68% of people trust reviews from customers when it comes to opinions on products, making user-generated content incredibly effective.


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5. Highlights Quality

Most millennials see user-generated content as a sign of quality. After all, why would consumers promote a product if they weren't happy with it? This is another reason to establish brand ambassadors, having them highlight the positive aspects of your products or services.

Capturing younger markets is crucial, as they're more likely to make up the majority of your customer base.

6. Provides Social Proof

Most people will naturally seek out "social proof" before buying a product or service. They want to know if it does what it promises and if others are happy with their experience. Adding videos and other content to your social media campaign is a great way to reach a huge audience, showing them everything your brand has to offer.


User-Generated Content in Your Marketing Campaign

Social media platforms are perfect for showcasing user-generated content. TikTok and Instagram are ideal for short videos that can reach a huge audience, and you can do this while keeping costs to a minimum.

The team at Visual Domain can advise you on some of the best video ideas for your brand. To find out more about how we can help your company, click here to contact us today.

6 Reasons Why UGC Is One of the Best Things in Marketing
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