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How Do Different Generations Consume Video Content?

09 September 2022
How Do Different Generations Consume Video Content?

Over 244 million Americans watch online videos, and the U.S. demand for video content has increased by a staggering 2 million people each year.

You can't trust age-based assumptions when it comes to online content. Instead, you need hard facts. In this guide, discover how different generations engage with video content. Then, learn how to apply that knowledge to your work. 

How Different Generations Consume Video Content

Video content viewers in different generations differ in how they watch video content—both qualitatively and quantitatively. Content, format, and platform are key differentiators. They also engage in diverse ways.

Baby Boomers

Most baby boomers watch YouTube videos to learn. Learning new skills, and learning about a product or service, are the most-cited motivations for online video-content viewing.

They also watch video news content more than other generations. 79% of baby boomers watch video content on TVs. And, 52% also watch video content on their laptops. 

Baby boomers spend more total time online than millennials. They actually spend an equal amount of time online as Gen Z does (though they don't watch video content as frequently). Critically, baby boomers spend most of their time on eCommerce sites.  


Generation X

When it comes to video content, Generation X is adaptable and nostalgic. They find video content with 70s and 80s music appealing.

They are more likely than any other generation to watch content on more than two devices each week. They frequently seek out videos on DIY projects, like home repair. 

Compared to younger generations, members of Generation X are more likely to share video content they enjoy on Facebook and Twitter

Xennials (or, "Geriatric Millennials")

Xennials were born from 1978-1985. They experienced the first iteration of the internet as teenagers, and they're more technically savvy than younger adults.

Xennials were already adults by the time Facebook and YouTube launched. So, they have a love-hate relationship with social media.

They're more likely to view videos on wellness, mindfulness, and nostalgia than other generations. Unlike Gen Xers, Xennials don't share videos on Facebook often. 


The Millennial Generation

Millennials are most likely to watch short-form video content online. They watch YouTube and Facebook Live videos more often than those on other platforms.

54% of millennials watch YouTube daily. 56% of millennials find videos "more engaging" than other formats. 

That said, only 33% of millennials have ever published videos themselves. 

Gen Z

Gen Z audiences are most likely to watch videos on YouTube and Instagram. That said, TikTok, WhatsApp, and other vertical video streaming platforms are increasingly popular. 

Gen Z audiences are the most likely to publish their own videos in response to video content. Features that encourage video responses, like stitching on TikTok, are key to virality among Gen Zers. 

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Target Each Demographic With Visual Domain

At Visual Domain, we understand that how people watch video content matters. Our service makes it easy to adapt your video's copy, length, and format to reach different people and platforms. 

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How Do Different Generations Consume Video Content?
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