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Why You Should Book a Creative Strategy Session With Professionals

28 June 2021
Why You Should Book a Creative Strategy Session With Professionals

Before your business looks into video production services or a web series (or any other content, for that matter) you need one tool to ensure your success.

A strategy session.

Marketing without strategy is like a car without wheels. It might seem like you can make it work, but you're not going to get anywhere. A strategic planning session is how you turn your great ideas into a cohesive plan and turn your plan into tangible results. Here's why it's time to book a session.

What is a Creative Strategy?

A creative strategy is a point when your planning and your brilliant ideas come together! It's a strategy devised by a creative team in order to help a marketing campaign meet its desired goals, including techniques, messaging, and benchmarks for success.

This can include things like:

  • Copy strategy
  • Narrative line
  • Means of distribution

The whole thing comes together in a strategy session with a relationship manager. To be clear, you won't get all the work done in one session--you'll lay the framework in an initial session and check-in over time with further sessions, where we can bring in copywriters, producers, creative directors, shooters, and more. 

What is a Strategic Planning Session?

A strategy session, whether it's a brand strategy session, a sales strategy session, or an overall business strategy session, is when the whole picture comes together.

Your strategy session involves around identifying what your business goals are, and how best to get to the ideal end result, it is a great opportunity to pick the mind of a creative expert and throw around some ideas. Either way, your strategist will sit down, learn about the business or campaign they're building the brand around, develops insights on how the brand would be ideally positioned, and develops a strategic plan to put those insights into action.

How to Run a Great Strategy Session

If you're not sure where to start with your strategic planning session, start by taking a deep breath. This doesn't need to be as complicated as you think.

Start by outlining your strategy session agenda. Be highly specific about what topics you want to cover and what you need to have before you leave the meeting room. Think of it this way: a strategy session is about figuring out whether you're doing the right things, whereas an operations session is about figuring out if you're doing things the right way. Focus on doing the right things.

The best place to start with a strategy session is brainstorming, so get a mix of people in the room, ditch the hierarchy at the door, and start building off each other's ideas. It's a good idea to have an independent facilitator to make sure you stay on track, but otherwise, you're free to start thinking.

The best way to approach brainstorming is a two-step process: diverge and converge. Start by getting all the ideas out there and describe all of them, no matter how off-the-wall they might seem. This is the diverge step. The converge step is when you whittle your ideas down into a coherent strategy, focusing on the ideas that have the potential to be developed and piloted.

From there, your strategist and marketing team can develop a campaign plan.

Free Strategy Session

Did you know that we provide a free strategy session for potential clients? Our creative experts, Relationship Managers work with
businesses across Australia, so we know what is trending and what is driving results for brands. We have already mapped out these sessions in order to get you as much value as possible. We cover;

  • Industry-Specific Video Examples
  • Insights and Trends for 2021
  • Executable Concept + Ideas 

Let's Get Your Strategy on Track for Success

Isn't it time to get a creative strategy that sets you up for success? At Visual Domain, we're more than just your strategist. We're your partner in production, helping you create innovative video products that drive your vision and enhance your business value.

If you'd like to book a strategy session with us, get in touch today to let us know what you have in mind and whether you want to dip your toes in or go big. Either way, we'll develop a strategy that works for you.

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Why You Should Book a Creative Strategy Session With Professionals
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