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4 Tips for Effective Website Video Content

16 February 2023
4 Tips for Effective Website Video Content


What if you were losing ground to your competitors without even knowing it?

These days, it's an open secret that internet users love video content. That's why video links are shared a whopping 1200% more often than text or links combined.

However, there is so much video competition out there that it can be difficult to get your own content noticed. Want to make sure your website video content is useful, compelling, and often shared by your customers? Keep reading to discover our top tips!

1. Demonstrate Products and Services

If you want to create better website video content, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Instead, it's better to focus on the basics, including online videos that demonstrate how your products and services work.

Instead of users seeing static images, they can see your products from many angles and see, via video and sound, exactly how everything works. This helps to boost your website traffic even as you provide users with the kind of relevant content they would normally have to go to Youtube to find.


2. Tell Your Brand's Story Through Video

Demonstration videos go a long way toward building your brand, but the most successful website videos go a step further. Ideally, some (if not most) of your video content will help to further the story of your brand.

Videos might include stories of happy customers (more on this later) sharing their journey, but they might also include videos from you or other executives describing what the company means to them. Even basic demonstration videos might include narratives about the customers who benefit most from what you have to sell.

In short, users relate to emotional content, so adding emotional hooks will make your online videos more relevant to your audience.

3. Focus On "How-To" Videos

What if you could increase sales while also increasing website traffic? It's possible to kill two birds with one stone by creating useful "how-to" videos for your customers.

These are the videos designed to complement your existing products. For example, a company that sells furniture might have videos about interior decoration, and a company that sells power tools might have videos about how to use and assemble those tools.

Much like product demonstrations, how-to videos are what users often search for on Youtube. By providing videos on your own site, you can gain customer loyalty and likely increase sales once customers see what they can do with your products.

4. Offer Video Testimonials

For most customers, nothing is more important to the buying process than social proof. Before someone decides to make a purchase, they usually seek out what other customers had to say after their purchase.

You can use this to your advantage by offering video testimonials on your website. Once new customers see what loyal customers have to say about your company and its products, they are far likelier to make a purchase.


Create the Best Website Video Content Today!

Now you know how to create effective website video content. But do you know who can make your best content even better?

Here at Visual Domain, we specialise in creating cutting-edge videos that consumers love. To see what we can do for you and your brand, contact us today!

4 Tips for Effective Website Video Content
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