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8 Ways the Right Lighting Can Skyrocket Your Videos

08 June 2022
8 Ways the Right Lighting Can Skyrocket Your Videos

Video production is critical in your marketing efforts with today’s digital audience. Whether it is a live stream, social media teaser, product video, case study, branding video, or any other video, lighting is everything.

In fact, video lighting can make or break your message to your audience. You want to capture their attention and look professional while doing it.

According to Optinmonster, video marketers report they receive 66% more qualified leads annually. Further, Wordstream reports that watching videos accounts for approximately 33% of all online activities.

Video is king marketing, so you want your video lighting to rock. Here are eight ways you can get it right with lighting.

1. Key Lighting to Avoid "Flatness"

The strongest type of light you see in a scene is the “key light.” This is usually the first light a professional video production company will set up.

It does not have to face your subject. You can place it anywhere.

You just want to avoid placing it next to or near the camera. Otherwise, your end product will appear flat.

2. Fill Light for Less Post Editing

Fill light is a lot like how it sounds. It fills in light to take away shadowy areas. A professional will usually place fill lighting a little further, or they may diffuse it by using a reflector.

If you want to bring up exposure, you can use fill lighting. You can also use this technique to decrease contrast in a scene.


3. Backlighting for Silhouettes

If you want to create a three-dimensional scene, you can use backlighting. You can also use backlight to diffuse a scene, making it less intense. Backlighting can stress a person or object as a silhouette.

4. Side Lighting for Depth

Side lighting is perfect for illuminating a scene from the side. It should be parallel to your subject. This gives your scene a dramatic mood.

You use side lighting when you bring out the edges or textures in a scene. This creates a better sense of depth.

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5. Practical Lighting for Interacting with Light

Regular light sources such as candles, lamps, or even a TV are called practical lighting. Typically, this is intentional to add a nighttime scene. It can give the subject subtle lighting.

The best time to use practical lighting is when the subject or a performer must interact with a light source.

6. Bounce Lighting for Ambiance 

When you bounce light, you use a light-coloured surface or reflector to bounce light from a powerful source of light toward your scene or subject. This technique allows you to spread more evenly a bigger area of light.

If you want more ambient light to shine across an entire environment, then using a bounce light is a great way to do it.

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7. Soft Lighting for Beautification

Soft lighting does not have a direction. We use it for aesthetic and situational purposes. You can create drama, take away harsh shadows, and replicate subtle lighting from outside.

You want to use soft lighting for beautification. It makes human subjects more flattering.

8. Hard Lighting for Intensity 

A powerful light source, like sunlight, can be hard light. While it can create harsh shadows, it is fantastic for drawing attention to an area of a scene or the principal subject. Hard lighting emphasises texture and contour, creating a more intense look.

Importance of Lighting in Videos

At Visual Domain, we are your partner in video production. Australia’s largest video production agency, our lighting experts, work with you to get the look and feel that you want to achieve. We simply love video, and we want you to love your video.

Whether you want to create videos for TV commercials, live streaming, social media, interactive video, product video, branding videos, and anything else under the sun, get in touch today. Let’s discuss your new project!

8 Ways the Right Lighting Can Skyrocket Your Videos
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